Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

The SASGOG Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQI) Committee intends these articles as quick resources to build your knowledge of key PSQI topics.  Each requires less than 5 minutes to read.  They will enable you to quickly understand and speak the language of PSQI so that you can confidently lead and contribute to successful PSQI initiatives.   The Editorial Board continuously augments, reviews, reaffirms and/or revises the library of articles to maintain relevant and up to date content.

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Lexicon

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Date Title Date Title
2024-04 Surgical Debriefs 2024-04 Credentialing and Privileging
2024-01 National Perinatal Information Center (NPIC) 2024-01 Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS)
2023-12 Measures of Improvement 2023-12 National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP)
2023-11 Kaizen 2023-11 Quality Improvement and the IRB
2023-09 Checklists 2023-09 Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA)
2023-08 ORYX 2023-08 Near Miss
2023-06 6 Aims of Healthcare 2023-06 Peer Review
2023-04 SBAR Situation Background Assessment Recommendation 2023-04 Just Culture
2023-03 Lean and Quality Improvement 2023-03 Culture of Safety
2023-02 Closed Loop Communication 2023-02 Root Cause Analysis
2023-01 Smart Goals 2023-01 Sentinel Events