Pearls of Exxcellence

SASGOG’s Pearls of Exxcellence ( is a collection of documents that help Residents and Practicing ObGyn’s stay up to date on common conditions and their management. The Editorial Board continuously reviews, reaffirms and/or revises the library of articles to maintain relevant and up to date content.

Periodically the Editorial Board reaches out to find authors for new articles and major revisions to existing articles via the SASGOG website. All authors must be certified by ABOG and be members of SASGOG. If you are not a SASGOG member, you can join via the SASGOG Membership Page.   If you are interested in contributing (or have questions), email

2021 Call for Authors is closed.  Thank you for your interest.  The Pearls Editorial Board will be in touch with the applicants in June.