Mentorship For Members

The SASGOG Mentorship Committee matches SASGOG early or mid-career faculty members interested in meeting with an experienced academic specialist in general Obstetrics and Gynecology to discuss their careers. Typically, this matching occurs in the first quarter of the year based on common areas of interest.* Once matched, the mentors and mentees are introduced, meet virtually and then face-to-face at the SASGOG Annual Meeting.

Not able to attend the Annual Meeting?  ACOG also provides mentoring opportunities.  Following the ACOG-SASGOG mentoring instructions you can also be matched with the SASGOG member.

*Areas of Interest
Leadership Development
Career Options in Academic Medicine
Getting Promoted
Finding a Niche
Legislative & Political Advocacy
Medical Student Education
International/Global Medicine
Getting Credit for What You Do
How to Negotiate for What You Want

SASGOG Curated List of Mentorship Resources

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Selected General Guides for Mentorship in Academic Medicine:

MedEdPortal: Curriculum Resources for Mentorship

Goal-setting & Effective Meetings:

Updated February 2, 2021