2020 Annual Meeting Virtual Abstracts

SASGOG 2020 Annual Meeting Virtual Abstracts

Efficacy of pelvic exam, suture/knot-tying and vaginal delivery simulation on medical student confidence
Cynthia Abraham, MD
Mount Sinai Medical Center – Icahn School of Medicine

Does Deep Cervical Injection of Vasopressin Decrease Blood loss at Vaginal Hysterectomy?
Tod C. Aeby, Maria Gaspar, Koah Robin Vierkoetter, Mark Hiraoka
Sidra Medicine & Univ. Hawaii

Opioid Use Following Gynecologic Surgery
Emily Buttigieg, Heidi Brown, Cassidy Tierney, Maria Villalon Landeros
University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Quality Improvement Project for Care Transitions of Incarcerated Women
Katherine Davis, Dr. Sue Tolleson-Rinehart, Dr. Andrea Knittel
University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Twists and Turns: Paratubal Cysts Causing Bilateral Fallopian Tube Torsion in Adolescents
Martha A. Halford, Ashley C. Dodd, Alexa Calfee, Ramona Phinehas, Claudette Shephard
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Surgical site infection bundle lowers wound complications in cesareans and abdominal hysterectomies
Catherine Callinan, Stefka Fabbri, Meredith Alston, Deborah Aragon, Bryan Knepper
Denver Health Medical Center

Postpartum Care: When to Contact the Patient?
Danielle Falde, Reagan Theiler, Matthew Hathcock, Emily Sharpe, Enid Rivera-Chiauzzi
Mayo Clinic

Complication Rates of Dilation and Evacuation and Labor Induction in Second Trimester Pregnancy Termination for Fetal Indications
Laura Jacques, Rahmouna Farez, Kristina Kaljo, Amy Pan, Melodee Nugent,
Meghan Heinlein
Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical student evaluations of resident physician: Does gender bias and gendered expectations exist?
Cindy Vu, Kristina Kaljo, Rahmouna Farez
Medical College of Wisconsin

Exploring patient’s needs and desires for quality prenatal care in Florida
Kimberly Fryer, Naciely Cabral, Jennifer Marshall
University of South Florida

Identifying healthcare system barriers and facilitators to early prenatal care in Florida
Kimberly Fryer, Naciely Cabral, Jennifer Marshall
University of South Florida

BeST: A Breastfeeding Continuation Survey at Two Baby Friendly Hospitals
Elizabeth Garchar, Sophie Peterson, Heidi Fredine, Jody Stonehocker
University of New Mexico department of OB/GYN

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in the Emergency Room: Prevalence and Predictors of Admission Nationwide
Jessica Grubman, Mitzi Hawkins, Sara Whetstone, Meg Autry, George Sawaya,
Vanessa Jacoby
University of California, San Francisco

Barriers to Election Day Voting Among Medical Students
Melanie Hotz, David Yang, Abigail Solomon, Joseph Hagan, La’Nasha Tanner
LSUHSC School of Medicine

Effect of Student Schedule on NBME Shelf Examination Performance in the OB/Gyn Core Clerkship
Jenna Johnson, Sarah Shaffer, Patrick Barlow
University of Iowa

Structures and Self: Advancing Equity and Justice in Sexual and Reproductive Health
Zoe Julian, Biftu Mengesha, Sanithia Williams, Talita Oseguera, Ariel Hart, Maisha Davis
University of Alabama at Birmingham

A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to curricular development in addressing the opiate crisis- tools to apply now and design approach to apply later
Leah Kaufman, MD, David Garry, DO,  Neil Sligman, MD,  Anar Yukahayev, MD,
Kathleen Dermady, CNM , Kassie Leonard, MD
SUNY Upstate Medical University

Differences in academic rank between obstetrics and gynecology and surgery
Sara Kim, MD, Joseph Chappelle, MD, Todd Griffin, MD MBA
Stony Brook University Hospital

Addressing barriers among women with Medicaid desiring sterilization during delivery hospitalization
Megan Lacy, MPH, Shannon M. Wentworth, MD, Winston Owens, Amanda Geary, Stephanie Cross, MD, Nikki B. Zite, MD, MPH
University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Knoxville

Disparities in scheduling and indications for peripartum hysterectomy at a major academic institution
Monica Meeks, BA, Jason Vaught, MD, Shari M. Lawson, MD MBA
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Navigating Political Conversations With Patients: Perspectives From Reproductive Health Care Providers
Melanie Levine, Tejasvi Gowda, Audrey Lance, MD MS, Judy Chang, MD MPH
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

The need to put women’s Self-Agency at the core of prenatal care
Silvia T. Linares, MD, Megan Deibel, CNM, DNP, Megan Sandberg, Drew Moss,
Claudia Waters, Catherine Kothari
Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School of Medicine

Expanding training in Women’s Health: A Novel Women’s Health rotation for Internal Medicine Residents
Shefali Pathy, MD, MPH, Julia Cron, MD, Leonard Zamore, MD, Kathryn McKenney, MD, Tracy Rabin, MD
Yale School of Medicine

Maternal Mortality Review in New Mexico: Process, Findings and Recommendations
Melissa Schiff MD, MPH, Catherine Avery CFNP, Sharon Phelan MD, Katrina Nardini CNM, WHNP-BC, Eirian Coronado MA,
Thomas Massaro MD
University of New Mexico

Complication rates of dilation and evacuation and labor induction in second-trimester pregnancy termination for fetal indications
Laura Jacques, MD, Megan Heinlein, MD, Jessika Ralph MD, MSCI, Amy Pan, PhD, Melodee Nugent, MA, Rahmouna Farez, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Association of endocrine disruptors with PCOS and metabolic syndrome: Using the NHANES database
Pallavi Dubey, Ph.D, Alok Dwivedi, Ph.D, Bhaskar Thakur Ph.D, Sharron Manuel, M.D. Ph.D. Sireesha Reddy M.D.
Texas Tech HSC El Paso

Educational Intervention Improves Acceptability of Immediate Postpartum Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) in Pregnant Hispanic Women
Mary Cavanagh, B.S., Martha Chavez, M.S., Sireesha Reddy, M.D.
Texas Tech HSC El Paso

65 Revisited: A Revised Markov Model for Evaluating Oophorectomy at the Time of Hysterectomy for Benign Disease
Shannon K Rush, MD, Xiuyu Ma, PhD, Michael A. Newton, PhD, Stephen L. Rose, MD
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Breast Density and Provider Knowledge at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Elizabeth Shirazi, BS, Sarah Shaffer, DO
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic

Early Pregnancy Evaluation and Management in the Emergency Department: The Role of the Academic OBGYN
Alice Sutton, MD, Sierra Washington, MD
University of California San Diego

Development and implementation of a novel Reproductive Healthcare Utilization Self-Efficacy (RHUSE) scale among individuals presenting to a family planning clinic on the South Side of Chicago
Julie Chor, MD, MPH, Ama Thrasher, MD, Brianna Farley, MD candidate, Susan Feldt, MD candidate, Victoria deMartelly, MPH, Michael Quinn
University of Chicago

Opportunistic Salpingectomy at the time of Cesarean Delivery: A randomized controlled trial of the peri-operative change in hemoglobin following bilateral total salpingectomy versus traditional bilateral partial salpingectomy
Vanessa Torbenson, MD, Enid Rivera-Chiauzzi MD, Margaret Dow, MD,
Marnie M. Wetzstein, PH.D, Mathhtew Hathcock, MS, Rubin Raju, MBBS MD
Mayo Clinic

Factors Influencing Delivery Location and Barriers to Obstetric Care in Rural Chiapas, Mexico
Samantha Truong, Margaret M. Sullivan, FNP, DrPH, Mariana Montaño, MD,
Hellen Mata Gonzalez, MD, Valeria Macias, MD, MMSc,
Rose L. Molina, MD, MPH
Harvard Medical School

Immediate postpartum IUD expulsion and malpositioning discovered in follow up at a resident clinic
Megan Lacy, MPH, Deanna Wood, CPC, Shannon M. Wentworth, MD,
K. Paige Johnson, MD, Nikki B. Zite, MD, MPH
University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Knoxville

Impact of a surgical closing protocol to decrease surgical site infections in cesarean deliveries
Michelle Wyatt, MD, Claire Jensen, MD, Isabel Yelsa, Stephanie Duong, BA,
Matthew Hathcock, MS, Enid Rivera-Chiauzzi, MD
Mayo Clinic

Implementation of an Education Intervention to Increase Provider Use of Evidence-Based Contraception Practices
Sabrina Wyatt, MD, MS, Mary Gowin, PhD, Monica Henning, MD,
Katherine Smith, MD, MS, Jennifer Peck, PhD, Robert Wild, MD, PhD, MS
University of Louisville Medical School

Opioid Dispensing Pattern after Diagnostic and Sampling Hysteroscopy: A Population-Based Study
Chailee Moss, MD, Lisa Yanek, PhD, Anna Powell, MD, Golsa Yazdy, MD,
Victoria Handa, MD, Mostafa Borahay, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

Operative Vaginal Delivery Skills for Residents Using Simulation Training
Frederick Friedman, MD, Ceyda Oner, MD, George Alex Trivette, MD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai