Volunteer for a SASGOG Committee

Each SASGOG Committee has a different responsibility all aimed at helping the Society pursue its mission to enhance women’s health by supporting academic generalist physicians in all phases of their careers and to support education and scholarship, while fostering excellence in research.

Committee Members typically serve for 3 years. Members at all career levels are encouraged to volunteer for their preferred committees in the first quarter of the calendar year.  Contact us for more information about committees.

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Communications Committee: The Communications Committee is responsible for overseeing and initiating all member communications including internal publications. Communications should be timely, appropriate and related to SASGOG Business, and issues of interest to SASGOG members and others with an interest in Academic Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Finance Committee: The Finance Committee is responsible for managing the performance of the investment portfolio of the Society, consistent with the approved Investment Policy. The Committee works with staff to develop an annual budget to be submitted for approval by the Board of Directors.
Membership Committee: The Membership Committee will propose and implement initiatives to grow membership and retain current members (individual and institutional). Specific responsibilities include membership growth, current membership retention (through identification and communication of member benefits), membership types definition and dues collection.

Dues are collected from members based on an anniversary date, requiring a defined process to message and collect within an acceptable timeframe.

Mentorship Committee: The Mentorship Committee will propose and implement processes to support mentoring relationships for our members.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee will seek appropriate candidates and submit a slate of at least one nominee for each vacant or elective office when necessary to the Secretary by January 1, of each election year.

Pearls – Publications Committee: The Pearls-Publication Committee is charged with overseeing the publication and revision of the Pearls documents, mentoring junior authors, and making editorial decisions. The Committee is also responsible for overseeing all SASGOG publication work, advising the Board on external publication opportunities, selecting editors for external publications and for participation in the selection of volunteers to work on academic task forces. 

Program Committee: The Program Committee will propose and implement the Annual Meeting Program.

Task Force on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QI/PS): The Task Force is charged with promoting and executing three initial projects:  1) Collecting and developing “Pearls” articles of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, 2) Create a central repository for QI/PS strategies and activities and 3) Develop post-graduate course on QI/PS.

Research Committee: The Research Committee is responsible for developing and implementing SASGOG’s strategy to elevate research among academic specialists by improving access to collaborations, networks, funding, basic research skills, mentorship, publications and other outlets for dissemination.