Contributor FAQ

Question Group Question Answer
Course What is the course duration? The course work will begin with distance/ virtual learning in August. The in-person course will be 4 days
Who are the course faculty? Jeff Peipert, MD, PhD, is the Course Director.
How will the course be managed/ supervised? The Course Director reports to the SASGOG President. The Course will be guided by input from the founding spronsor societies and the SASGOG Research Committee.
Where will the course be held? The first course location will be Loews Ventana in Tucson AZ.
Will the course be in-person or virtual? The Course will be multi-modal. Distance learning will be employed before and after the in-person phase of the Course. Learners will submit a project as part of the application process and the project will be developed as part of the Course.
Learners Is the course only for academic specialists? All subspecialties are welcome.
How will the learners be selected? Fifty percent of the learners in each class will be awarded based on a merit-system/ rubric. Fifty percent of the learners will be awarded randomly. This methodology is intended to help us learn the best criteria for the selection of learners.
Who are target attendees for course? The target audience for the course is early career academic specialist faculty and subspecialty fellows.
Donation Can I make incremental donations? Yes. Click here to contact the Development Committee.
Can I target my donation to specific areas of the course? Yes. For larger gifts we are happy to discuss targeted donations. Click here to contact the Development Committee.
What is the duration of my gift recognition? Individual Founding Donors will be recognized in perpetuity. Lectureship Donors will be recognized for 5 years. Endowed Lectureship Donors ($50,000) will be recognized for 5 years.
How will my donation be used? All Individual Founding Donations will be used to offset course development and execution expenses.
I’d like to give a large amount.  What do I get for that? Great. We would be happy to discuss large donation. Click here to contact the Development Committee.
What does the Endowed Professorship gift entail? An Endowed Professorship gift of $50,000 has a 5-year duration. An Endowed Professorship gift of $150,000 endows in perpetuity.
How will I receive a receipt for my gift? When your donation is received, a receipt will be emailed.
Is my gift tax deductible? SASGOG is a 501(c)3 organization and as such your donation may qualify as tax deductible.
Why give to PROGRESS, I usually give to SASGOG annually. How is this different? First, thank you for your support of SASGOG. Funds donated to the PROGRESS course will be earmarked for the PROGRESS course. Donations to the SASGOG general fund are used to support a wide array of SASGOG activities.
Success How will the success of the course be measured? All learners will be asked to provide feedback throughout the Course. Additionally, learners will be asked to participate in long range polling about their career trajectories to facilitate measuring the success of the program.
Will donors be apprised of the course outcomes? A Conference Summary will be created following each execution
of a PROGRESS course. The Summary will be distributed to
donors via email.